Do your goggles float?

GoggleMate Straps

These straps float your goggles

Gogglemate strap + your goggles = Floating Goggles that wonʼt pull your hair. The easy-to-spot and super-comfy straps will fit easily on any goggles.

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GoggleMate Goggles

These goggles float

Floating goggles, check. Super-comfy strap that wonʼt pull your hair, check. Bright, fun designs that make it easy to spot your child, yes please. These high quality goggles have it all: PVC-free eye seals, latex-free, easy adjustable strap, UV protection, Anti-fog, Comfy leak-free TPE eye seals.

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Whatʼs a Gogglemate?

Let’s dissect the word. Goggle: well you know what goggles are. And mate: a friend, a companion, someone looking out for you. In this instance, the “mate” is the super-comfy strap that makes your goggles float and doesn’t pull your hair. Or, you can leave the goggle part to us too and pick up a pair with the strap built right in. They’re latex-free, offer UV protection and all that other stuff that’s good for your kids. Did we mention they keep the water out of your eyes? Of course not. Who would sell goggles that leak? Not us. Now stop reading and go swim.