People are Talking

What an easy way to make a tearful transition into the pool...EASY! We used to struggle with hair getting stuck on the rubber strap of the goggles, but now with the gogglemate, they just slip on. My daughters want more gogglemates so they can match their swimsuits. Why didn't I come up with this idea?!!

Isabelle and Grace’s Mom

My two boys love their shark Gogglemate! They make the goggles float (no more diving to the bottom for me when someone accidentally drops their goggles!) and it is so easy for my boys to find their goggles on the side of the pool - no more looking for a washed off name! We love them and can't wait to buy more fun patterns.”

Henry and Brandon's Mom

I love my Floating Goggles

Emily, age 7

Yeah! These goggles donʼt pull my hair.

Maggie, age 9

I never lose my goggles anymore because they are so easy to spot.

Connor, age 11